Renaissance Masquerade!

So, the middleverse group was supposed to do this a long while ago but I got busy (I’m still busy..)

So, here are some sketches of my characters during that magical night

Preview for this thang I got in mind for Middleverse OCs


M.O.M. is gonna get Crazy 
This is not just an rp blog.


This is an ask blog, as well. As in, come into my askbox, anon or not, and talk to my character. I am always open for conversation.



Next two(and 3/4ths) pages of The Black Rose 

It’s an original comic I’ll be selling online once it’s done. 

I’m currently looking for cover and comic colorists right now and Yes, you will get paid a percentage of every comic sold, so note me, kay? 

first few pages and notes to The Black Rose are Here and you can check out all Demon revolution stuff Here and Here

Hey I started looking at Reaper High and I stumbled upon this. I have tried to fine out what it is but I just can't find anything. I would like to know what it is exactly because i am interested.

Hey Sorry about taking to long to respond! 

Well, Demon Revolution is a comic/series in the making about a group of classic monsters living together in a new age setting.

It’s a comedy/romance/every-once-in-a-while-action that takes place in a city called Middleverse, Virginia and I’ve been working on it for most of my life so it’s definitely worth a look 

Can we get a little more info on Jared? He looks like such a cutie~

He IS~ 

Jared is eighteen. So old enough to bar tend. Not old enough to drink. 

They don’t trust him with that though and since he’s good with music, DJ it is. 

Even though him and Jimmy look totally related, they’re not. That’s just a shadow demon thing and he is actually intimidated and weirdly attracted to the guy. Of course, right? That’s why Jimmy hires most of his employees. 

He’s that typical awkward teenager. His teeth are jagged, his hair is messy, he’s awkward in almost any situation, and if this were to ever be animated, his voice would crack. 


from that early-mid 1900s au

from that early-mid 1900s au


Hey it’s that comic I’ve been working on since I was like, ten

So, this is the second chapter of my comic, Demon Revolution, Called Moons Over Mackey. It’s only about a fifth into the chapter so now is the perfect chance to get into it and read up on the first chapter! 

You can read it on their Deviantart page Here 

Chris Mackey, a young orphaned werewolf runs into an old friend and childhood crush. Though this reunion doesn’t quite go as planned..

Another page from adventures in Middleverse

Some Nick n Celesse doodles



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Oh man this got me right in the heart!
That is exactly why I made Celesse that way. To bring up an issue most people tip toe around and to help others who have been in that situation.
I makes me the happiest person to know that something of mine actually helped someone

Just remember that you can Always come to me if something’s wrong or you need someone to talk to.

Love ya, girl

Pips has a crush

Pips has a crush

Celesse meets Dez for the first time

doodled this like, three months ago?

Celesse meets Dez for the first time

doodled this like, three months ago?

Some art files that I have for sale on DA


Coming Soon 

  • Adventures in Middleverse: Volume 1 
  • Nanny Elf-boy
  • Colors: a collection of colored DR posters, cards, etc. 

IDK buy them if you like my work and want to help me with money for things like food